Day 11/Trip 2018 (Tuesday, 29th May 2018)

Bremer Bay-Mt Barker-Lake Muir-Margaret River (479km)

Beautiful sunny day as we headed further west in our quest to reach the Indian Ocean. Much of the morning we skirted the striking Stirling Ranges to the north and west, traversing dry, almost barren plains, apparently used for growing wheat.  Along the road, we encountered the remains of bushfires – or, less likely, controlled burns – with the burned trees stark against the white sandy soil, and the ranges behind. Arrived at the delightful township of Mt Barker, and had our customary sandwich-on-the-hoof lunch, followed by coffee in the 50s styled Happy Cafe.  Next stop was Lake Muir, or at least, the place where there is apparently a lake; no sign of a lake at all! Continued on to Margaret River through increasingly lush and green farmland, and more and more wineries.

Who would have thought the following photo would generate so much comment – go figure:

  • Sue Heard Looks like my kind of place!
  • Robert Harper Amazing what they can do with no flour, sugar or cream. Fear not Dave I will be arriving armed with the CSIRO Healthy living book Loads healthy recipes plus work regimen for aging bodies. Aim is to wear out that yoga mat you packed. I assume you are using it for daily salutes to the sun.
    • David J. Harper of course
    • Elisa Muresan … pictures for evidence!
    • David J. Harper Elisa Muresan ok, not exactly proof but in the absence of a dreaded selfie, it will have to do. Feeling good after my first yoga in weeks! [yoga photo take in Perth]
    • Robert Harper Wait til yogi Graeme arrives. Then you’ll know your alive!
    • David J. Harper to Robert Harper I have seen Graham Cottew do his style of yoga, and there is no way I am going anywhere near that shit (the yoga not Graham)!
    • Andrew Wade Your spoiling the street cred of the patriot by doing Yoga, you’ll have to trade it in for a Winnebago or vw combi
    • David J. Harper to Andrew Wade you do know it is the 21st century? 🙂
    • Andrew Wade Your in Western Australia very far from the 21st century’s
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First yoga in weeks in Perth.
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